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Outsourcing of information security management processes

The control system of informational safety of the organisation, represents, first of all, a collection co-operating processes the majority from which can be carried out with engaging of the indirect organisation which experts possess necessary experience and квалифицией, or to be completely transferred to outsourcing of this specialised organisation.

GlobalTrust carries out partial or complete outsourcing of following key managerial processes by informational safety:

  • Handle of risks of informational safety
  • Internal audit of informational safety

Transferring these processes to outsourcing, the organisation gets following main advantages:

  • Saving of time and resources on implantation of these managerial processes in the organisation (managerial processes start at once after the conclusion of the appropriate agreement on grade of service in full, for their implementation already ready methodology and toolkit is used)
  • Reaching of higher degree of quality and efficiency of managerial processes (our experts are at the advanced edge of informational safety, possess a wide experience in a subject domain and continuously improve the qualification)
  • Essential abbreviation of operational expenditures on support of informational safety (outsourcing cost as a rule does not exceed expenditures on wages of one regular expert of appropriate qualification which the organisation can employ for implementation of appropriate managerial processes by safety, disregarding expenses for training and maintenance of necessary qualification of this expert, the workstation organisation, the social program, taxes, etc.)
  • Considerable saving on appropriate technical and software (we already allocate all necessary tools for inventory carrying out ресусурсов, estimations of risks, correspondence estimations требованим standards, development of policies and regulations, planning of processes of internal audit, reporting preparation, etc., besides, you get rid of a painful choice from tens and even hundreds products unfamiliar to you)
  • Potentially higher degree of independence and objectivity of external experts (we are not linked by reasons of career growth in your company, internal political and economic reasons, close personal to mutual relations and the other conditions capable essentially to affect objectivity of auditor outputs or results of an estimation of risks)

Accepting managerial processes by risks and internal audit on outsourcing we incur responsibility that your organisation:

  • Completely corresponded to requirements of the current legislation and standard base in the field of the information protection, to existing international and national standards, and also an advanced experience of support of informational safety
  • Adequately estimated existing informational risks and in due time reacted to permanently varying tendencies, appearance of new threats, уязвимостей and technologies of safety
    Not "struck in a dirt the person" at passing of the mandatory external audit representing the outputs to shareholders and regulating bodies
  • Was able provide necessary level of security ИТ of an infrastructure and informational resources which would correspond to existing risks, requirements of business, the legislation and contract obligations
  • Quicly detected and eliminated technical vulnerability of protection, and also any mismatches in structure and the maintenance of the documentation in the field of informational safety, qualification and allocation of functions of staff, the organisation of internal processes of safety

Outsourcing of managerial processes by risks and internal audit осуществлятся according to согласуемым with the Customer the agreement on grade of service (SLA) which accurately defines the main metrics and metrics of efficiency of these processes. As a result the Customer receives controlled, documentary and measured managerial processes by safety on which base to be under construction all a control system of safety of the organisation.