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GlobalTrust is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia working in the field of information security management since 2003.

GlobalTrust experts share the deep understanding of culture and philosophy of information security. Our implementation approach is pragmatic and straightforward, and based on proven risk management methodology (and we did write the book on how to do it). We help you increase internal buy-in by leveraging your resources to achieve your certification/conformance goals. We focus on transferring knowledge and skill to our customers and community so that they can continue meeting compliance targets.

We try to be objective and unbiassed, to appreciate time and money of the customer, and our own time, strictly observe confidentiality of the information, accurately follow the existing ethical code of the adviser and auditor, continuously improve our professional knowledge and skills, and bring the feasible contribution to the development of modern data protection technologies.

GlobalTrust provides the following services in the information security field: