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Document templates for implementation of Informational Risk Management System

GlobalTrust has developed and permanently improves the most complete collection of informational risk management policies used for implementation of IRMS according to ISO 27005.

General description

Informational Risk Management System (IRMS) is the basis for organisational ISMS. It is the most important ISMS subsystem and, at the same time, the most difficult for implementation.

GlobalTrust have developed the package of document templates for information security risk management. We use combined qualitative and quantitative methodology of risk assessment that's fully compatible with the requirements of ISO 27001, ISO 27005, and BS 7799-3.

Go to a higher level of maturity by developing and implementing IRMS in your organisation!

Document list

This package includes all the documents necessary for IRMS implementation:

  • General description
  • IRMS development and implementation guidance
  • Informational risk management policy
  • Informational risk management methodology
  • Register of informational assets
  • Register of security requirements
  • Value of assets table
  • Emergency priorities table
  • Model of information security threats
  • Levels of threats and vulnerabilities table
  • Criteria of an estimation of damage
  • Register of informational risks
  • Statement of applicability for security controls
  • Risk treatment plan
  • Security audit plan
  • Risk estimation table
  • Risk assessment report


GlobalTrust provides full support for IRMS and security policies implementation, including training, consulting, audit and outsoursing services.


Document templates are licensed by quantity of IRMSs in which these templates are used. One license grants the right of usage of templates in one organisation and in one IRMS.
The companies assuming usage of document templates for providing of services to other organisations, are required to acquire the special consulting license.