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Document templates for implementation of Information Security Management System

GlobalTrust has developed and permanently improves the most complete collection of informational security policies used for implementation of ISMS according to ISO 27001.

General description

Development of security policies – durable and the labour-intensive process. That usually takes a lot of time. Many organisations do not have their own resources for qualified development and implementation of security policies. Most of the documents that you can find in Internet are unsuitable for practical usage.

GlobalTrust provides all the main templates of documents in easily customizable MS Word format. This document set includes policies, standards, procedures and instructions. All the documents have been successfully implemented and tested in the real world.

The List of Information Security Policies

Using these policies you can formalize the most of information security control objectives. This package consists of more than 70 documents (including appendices):

  • GTS 1036 Exented informational security policy of the organisation
  • GTS 1037 Informational security rules for users of a corporate network
  • GTS 1038 Data backup and recovery policy
  • GTS 1039 Business continuity plan with emergency and recovery procedures
  • GTS 1040 Plan of protection of informational assets from unauthorized access
  • GTS 1041 Policy of protection of remote access to resources of a corporate network
  • GTS 1042 Policy of protection of internet communications
  • GTS 1043 Anti-virus policy with the corporate standard on anti-virus software
  • GTS 1044 Policy of protection of payment systems of the organisation
  • GTS 1045 Password policy
  • GTS 1046 Access control policy for a corporate network
  • GTS 1047 Information security audit policy with audit schedule and audit procedure
  • GTS 1048 Information security incident management policy
  • GTS 1049 Software update policy
  • GTS 1050 Procedure of planning and implementation of preventive and corrective measures
  • GTS 1051 Manual on protection of the confidential information and Confidentiality Agreement
  • GTS 1052 Documents and records control procedures
  • GTS 1053 Policy on the usage of mobile devices
  • GTS 1054 Policy on the operation of the digital carriers of the confidential information
  • GTS 1055 High level information security policy
  • GTS 1061 Informational assets inventory policy and the register of informational assets
  • GTS 1062 Physical security policy for the premises and the equipment
  • GTS 1063 ISMS management review policy
  • and more


Support and Licensing

GlobalTrust provides full support for ISMS and security policies implementation, including training, consulting, audit and outsoursing services.

Document templates are licensed by quantity of ISMSs in which these templates are used. The companies assuming usage of document templates to provide the services to other organisations are required to acquire the special consulting license.