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Our Mission

Development and implementation of the complete set of information security management tools and services on the basis of risk assessment, international standards, and best practice.

Our motto

Information technology and security should work on business, instead of on themselves. Decision-making on implementation of any information security controls should be based on an assessment of business risks and legal requirements. It should be economically proved and co-ordinated with the international standards.

Our objectives

  1. Protection of informational assets of business against all sorts of threats: external and internal, deliberate and inadvertent
  2. Minimization of the damage put to business as a result of informational security incidents
  3. Business continuity management

Problem that we solve

Today, information security is not only a question of avoidance of losses and gaining of competitive advantages, it is a question of a survival for business and the state.

We concentrate the main efforts to following activities:

  • Information security awareness, by distribution of the information on threats, vulnerabilities, technologies and products, carrying out of training and educational seminars
  • Rendering assistance to the organisations in an assessment and management of information security risks, gaining compliance to the legislation and standard base, eliminating informational security vulnerabilities, and defining adequate and economically proved ways of protection
  • Definition of security requirements for the organizations, delivery of software, technical and informational products
  • Development of innovative products, standards and manuals on information security